Tilta New Gravity G2X and G2 Single Grip Stabilizers Gimbals


Updated: July 24, 2024

Gimbal stabilizers are quite popular worldwide for its obvious advantages for the mirrorless DSLR cameras. Looking at its growing demand a lot of manufacturers have started introducing the Gimbal stabilizers keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the users. Just recently, Tilta announced its new generation Gravity G2 and the Gravity G2x single grip Gimbal stabilizers.

Tilta stabilizers are known for providing the users with appealing cost/benefit equation and features that are suitable for mounting monitors, lens support, top arms for the camera, and affordable follow focus making the brand a highly competitive one in the market. The G2 system is backward compatible with the earlier generation G1 accessories, offering a variety of power outputs for accessories like wireless video, follow focus and larger external monitors.


Gravity continues to support the pistol grip that looks like a gun handle, but looks odd for the platform aesthetically. The “X” variant for the larger sized cameras is a welcome relief though.

The Tilta Gravity G2 and the G2X is the next generation of the G1 hand held Gimbal system, designed for the DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, Smartphone and the GoPros. The “x” version refers to a version with an angled Tilta stabilizer arm. In a lot of cameras where the LCD doesn’t flip out, this will offer a clear view of the monitor to help with operating. This addresses the drawback of the original G1, which has limitation to fit longer camera packages.

Terra on Tilta G2X @tiltamax

The Gravity G2 and the Gravity G2x share the same stabilization technology with the Tiltamax Gravity Gimbal, but they have been optimized for maximum payload of 8lbs. The Gravity G2X on the other hand differs from the G2 due to the angled roll motor arm. This feature gives the operator free access to the back of the LCD screen of the camera that will be mounted on the Gimbal.

source : @tiltamax

Both the Gravity G2 and the G2X are able to accommodate a 360 degree rotation on the Pan/tilt motors and 60 degree on the Roll motor-left/right. The other feature both these gimbals possess is that they can be used in under sling and the over sling modes. The G2 and the G2x both feature a new 5V mini USB output on the tilt motor for powering the Nucleus-Nano motor.

The Tilta products are usually popular for their polished and well designed body the G2 and G2X do not lag behind in this section. The body is constructed with CNC milled aluminum and they come with an ergonomically designed rosewood handle.

Tilta Gravity G2 and G2x Features

– 8 lbs maximum payload
– Designed ideally for mirrorless, DSLR and compact S35 cameras
– 360 degree rotation on the Pan/tilt
– 60 degrees on Roll-Left/Right
– The roll motor arm can be used either in a right or left sided position for viewing the camera’s fold-out EVF LCD displays
– Four different user modes: Solid green LED-Pan follow mode, Solid red LED-Tilt Lock Mode, Solid blue LED-Fully Stabilized Mode, Flashing blue LED- Roll Lock Mode
– 14.8v DC input/output for powering the camera or the camera accessories
– Wide range of custom power distribution boxes (Lemo and PTAP) accessories by Tilta and 3rd parties
– Compatibility with all previous G1 DC in/out accessories
Tilta Assistant App compatible (via Bluetooth)

Tilta Gravity G2/G2x Tech Specifications

Color: Black
Weight: 4.180 lbs
Height: 19 inches (height varies depending on the height of the camera)
Gimbal Body Only: Width:9 inches (Gimbal end), Length/height:11.5 inches, Depth: 9 inches (Gimbal end)
Handle: Length: 3inches, Depth: 1 inch
Balancing Plate Only: Length: 5 inches, Depth: 4 1/2 inches
Materials: Aluminum Alloy/ Brazilian Rosewood

The shots taken of the G2x interestingly feature a Canon c200B (without the viewfinder, optimized for Gimbal stabilizers) so you won’t be surprised to see other s35 camcorders balanced on these types of Gimbals. But, before you set up your S35 camcorder, you need to get it tested. It is not ideal to setup before testing as the S35 even though lighter maybe difficult or sometimes impossible to balance due to the physics of the camera.

There are wide ranges of mounting possibilities thanks to the inclusion of 2x ARRI standard female rosettes, which is usually used to mount the external monitors or handles for a better ergonomic experience. The G2 and the G2X are compatible with the Tilta Assistant App via Bluetooth for better calibration of features as well as wireless remote control. This is not limited to the Wireless time-lapse function, Wireless Remote Control Functions of torque, acceleration and many more.

The battery life of the Tilta is quite good and once charged it is claimed to perform for 10-hours. The 4x rechargeable 18650 batteries can be inserted into the handle, but the Tilta doesn’t come with these batteries. You have to purchase these separately from the market. Tilta does recommend the EBL 16850 3.7v 3000mah batteries.

What is included?

The Tilta G2 and the G2X system comes in a hard shell case containing the balancing plate, pistol grip, Gimbal body, base plate, lens support, hot shoe support bracket, battery charger and a multi-head screwdriver. Batteries are not included.

The Tilta G2 and the G2X is better than the other Gimbals that are available in the market because it has great heavy lifting ability. Gravity guarantees the best performance with no system drifting or crashing. The camera stays nicely in the center and you can easily maneuver and move quickly with this Gimbal. The motors in the G2 and the G2X negate the movement of your hand completely. Other Gimbals take a lot of time for calibration, but with the G2 and the G2x it is pretty easy to calibrate and start with your work. Since it is not too heavy, shooting chase sequences of a few seconds in pretty easy with this Gimbal. Even after hours of work, the G2 and the G2x doesn’t get hot and the battery life is great. The motors don’t make any noise making it easy to work with.

Thanks to Tilta, now you can get a stabilizer that works great and is quite affordable too.


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