15 Native Instruments You Did Not Know About


Updated: May 26, 2024

native instruments

It is important to understand, people are mostly familiar with instruments such as violin, piano, guitar, and the likes; but they don’t really know that there are so many amazing native instruments existing out there. In this article you are going to know 15 of these instruments you probably did not know about.

1. Duduk native instruments

Duduk is an Armenian flute you may not know about, but is being used in several movies and other musical performances. It has an amazing sound that seems like woody sound; it is the type of musical instrument many see as the most beautiful in the world. 

2. Kantele native instruments


Kantele is another beautiful instrument you may not it ever exist. It is that type of instrument that has an echoed sound to make beautiful rhythm in music. Kantele is surely one of the instruments in the present time you may not know but it’s highly valuable when it comes to playing both native and modern day music.

3. Baglama native instruments


This is a string instrument that is originated from turkey. The instrument has a tiny kind of undertone that many will find amazing and lovable. The sound is mostly used in movies, but you may not know that it’s coming from Baglama unless you are been told so.

4. Dilruba native instruments


This instrument may be echoing on air and you probably must have heard it several times, but you didn’t know what it really is. It is an Indian instrument that seems like Sitar and mostly made up of orchestral strings. It has a lovely sound that you may want to hear the second time whenever it’s been played.

5. Tar


Tar is a musical instrument that is originated from Iran, and has some similar characteristics with Dilruba. It really looks cute and has some soft-muted sounds that will make amazing music and rhythm. This instrument is often used for many purposes, but because it’s not popular you probably didn’t know it.

6. Hurdy-Gurdy


Hurdy-gurdy is an instrument that is very popular on school musical books and story books, many people must have read about it but have never see it eye to eye. It’s an instrument that is technically complicated to play but it has a very fun-full sound and can make music go gaga.

7. Bodhran


Bodhran is an instrument that many people do not know about and to those that even claim to know about it, they don’t really understand what it is. Many have the view that Bodhran is just a drum; others see it as not just a drum. It is the type of instrument you can play stylishly with one hand playing the drum and the other is placed behind. Bodhran is a nice musical instrument that can make you dance at the beating of it, but unfortunately many see it as difficult to play and do not understand it.

8. Ney Flute

Ney Flute

Ney flute is often used in movies, but many people did not know what it is. It is an instrument that is mostly played in the Middle East (particularly morocco). Ney flute is very beautiful and pleasant to look at; above all, its amazing sound is something to love about.

9. Jew Harp

Jew Harp

You may not have heard about the Jew harp but it really is a beautiful instrument that comes in many shapes and sizes. Its sound is amazing and you will never get bored hearing the rhythm even if it will take you years.

10. Uillean Pipes

Uillean Pipes

It is important to understand that there are lots and lots of instruments you probably did not hear about or heard its sound, talk more of even seen it eye to eye. Uillean pipes might be one of those instruments, but frankly speaking this type of instrument is amazing and also has a beautiful sound. Its softy sound will make you melt in sympathy and become emotional.

11. Hang drum

Hang drum

The hang drum is originated from Switzerland not too long ago, and is mostly played on a lap and the hands is use to beat it soft and nicely. This type of instrument may not have found its way in global television, but its sound is surely heard in radio stations. You probably have heard the sound but you never seen it and possibly do not know what it is.

12. Berimbau 


Berimbau is an instrument originated from Brazil and mostly used by them. It is used to play soft but amazing sounds that can make you go off your seat at hearing the sound of it. It has a string that serve a very good function in making the sound great and interesting.

13. Rumitone 


Rumitone is an instrument you will love to hear and feel the sound every day; its unique and awesome sound makes it a great instrument ever exists on the planet. You can make sound with it through breath, mallet, and any other tactics you can make. It is just great to feel the sound of this instrument.

14. Glass Armonica

Glass Armonica

Glass Armonica was invented way back in the year 1971 by Benjamin Franklin. Another name for this wonderful instrument is glass harmonica, and has been in existence and has been used in many movies and the likes. For sure, you must have heard its sound somewhere or even may have seen it, but you don’t really know what it is meant for or what even its name is.

15. Cajon


Cajon is a musical instrument that is originated from South America, it is a drum that is made solely from wood and has been in existence since 1800s. This instruments is been widely used in Peru and has been know as one of its powerful instrument when it comes to music. It may be popular in that region, but it is not really known among much population across the world at large.

You have seen about 15 of these instruments you probably didn’t know about; however, you may have come across some of them in one or more occasion, but that doesn’t make them well-known or popular across the globe. There are many of the likes available but we can’t name all, if you know of any and you know it worth been on the list, you are free to add yours.


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