Comcast’s Xfinity TV a Complete Entertainment System for your entire Family


Updated: July 23, 2024

Xfinity TV from Comcast is the latest revolution in the world of television. Xfinity TV is the trading name of Comcast Communications, a subsidiary of this communications’ company. Founded in the year 1981, Comcast is the parent company that deals in broadband Internet, cable television and VOIP phone all of which falls under the Xfinity brand of Comcast.

Brand Xfinity

It was only in the year 2010 that Comcast started marketing the brand Xfinity, which was re-branded by the company from triple play services. It included the company’s cable internet access, digital cable, cable telephone services and radio. The Comcast digital cable was given a new name Xfinity TV, digital Voice was renamed Xfinity voice and the high-speed internet business was renamed Xfinity internet. The new marketing strategy was introduced during the 2010 Winter Olympics. It was considered a bad move by critics as it was considered an effort to cover up any negativity of the Comcast brand.

Comcast and Xfinity TV

Xfinity TV from Comcast is the revolutionary next generation television. After, the major re-branding exercise the company has introduced some new upgrades to the previous packages. As the name suggests the name Xfinity stands for unlimited choice of content across platforms. With the new Xfinity TV the viewer can get free on-demand choice of content compared to other service providers present in the market. The system efficiently allows the user to watch TV and movies in HD quality on any television or stream on your computer, Smartphone or tablet. The new Xfinity TV is reliable as you don’t have to worry about the storm disturbing you. You can watch unlimited movies and content as much as you want with no disruptions.

Features of Xfinity TV

Xfinity on the X1 Entertainment Operating System gives the users an out of this world interactive TV experiences with some advanced search features, and personalized recommendations. It has a huge library of the latest episodes of top 100 shows that are preloaded for you to watch any time whether you are outdoors or at home.

The X1 Entertainment Operating System

The X1 operating system is the search engine for your television where you can see what’s Live on the TV, Xfinity on demand feature allows you to watch hundreds of content on demand, and comes with a DVR. You just need to search for a movie title or actor or a particular genre of content, you will instantly get them on your television. The best part is you can set personalized recommendations and set your favorite content for future watching. The revolutionary X1DVR allows you to record 6 shows; yes you heard it while watching live TV. You can even watch your recordings on any TV in your house. With the new apps on the TV you can share what you are watching on twitter, Facebook, check the weather forecast, listen to music, and share photos all with the help of these exclusive apps on your TV.

Voice Remote

Other than 100 preloaded shows, the system comes with a new voice remote that lets you find your favorite program quicker. You can change channels, search for new shows, get new recommendations and many more by just using the voice commands.

On the go DVR

The cloud based easy to use DVR that comes with the X1 allows you to store your favorite shows, stream and download recordings on to your tablet or Smartphone from anywhere, which can be watched offline. More than one people can watch the content from different rooms and on the go. You can record and watch 6 shows at a time with ample storage space to store hundreds of content. You don’t have to delete your previous shows to make space for new ones. Now you can enjoy hundreds of on-demand programs, shows, sports and movies on any screen in your house at a very nominal cost.

Watch Live TV on any Screen

You don’t have to depend on the family TV to watch your favorite shows, instead now you can watch live TV on any screen in your house. You just need to download the Xfinity TV app and you can watch any program live, watch Xfinity on Demand and access all the recordings on your DVR from your Smartphone and Tablets. The users can even watch them on their computer as well as on their laptops.

Watch Xfinity on the go

With the Xfinity TV Go app, you can watch Xfinity on Demand and stream over 75 favorite live programs on the go. You can even access premium networks like HBO, Showtime and Stars online.

Get Favorite Apps on Screen

Other than entertainment you can view any of your favorite apps on the big screen like sports, get real time information about traffic, get local weather information, and listen to music via Pandora app, and share photos and videos with your friends and family through the very easy to use cloud storage. Users can even access their Facebook and Twitter accounts and share their views.

Full Speed Internet

The X1 Entertainment Operating System allows you to surf the internet and watch TV like never before. You can surf the net with the fastest internet speeds with Wi-Fi service for all the rooms and devices in your house. The service is extremely fast and reliable even during peak hours when there is constant pressure on the internet services. You can even access millions of Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide at no additional cost.

The Xfinity TV is a whole new revolutionary technology in the home entertainment world with features that are just amazing. You can watch programs on demand, watch and stream live video, watch live sports, record hundreds of your favorite contents and watch them later on any TV or gadget in your house or on the go, surf the internet, share your photos, videos and listen to music whether it is rain or shine. You can get all these best services working together efficiently. Their effective two hour guaranteed service window ensures complete peace of mind.


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