Samsung CHG90 QLED Gaming Monitor Review


Updated: July 22, 2024

Ultra wide monitors are not something new in the tech world, but Samsung has taken things up a notch with the CHG90 QLED monitor. The CHG90 is a huge 49-inch gaming monitor with an aspect ratio of 32:9 that will embrace you in its curved display. This Samsung monitor is equal to two 27-inch monitors when placed side-by side. It is not only the widest monitor in the market, but is versatile too.

The CHG90 has the ability to display massive gaming worlds as a 21:9 screen with an extra screen space leftover. It can even act as two different 16:9 displays, making this Samsung monitor the most impressive and flexible gaming monitor ever. Other than the huge display, the Samsung CHG90 monitor has some other great features like, HDR compatibility, backlight strobing, free sync technology, 144 Hz refresh rate making it absolutely perfect for gaming and 1ms MPRT( motion picture response time). This massive monitor takes up a good amount of desk space and does not come cheap, which is understandable considering the array of features it possess.

Samsung CHG90 Design and Build

The most striking feature of this monitor is its massive size. The screen itself measures 4 ft across and the monitor weighs around 15 kg, without taking into consideration the other bits that come with this monitor.


Despite its huge size this gaming monitor has an elegantly designed display. The monitor stand is thin and slender. The display has a hidden bezel that gives this impressively large monitor a lighter feel compared to the large chunky monitors that are available in the market. The looks of this monitor is definitely an improvement from the GHG70, though not as slim as the other monitors.

The exterior material is plastic excluding a strip of metal that runs round the edge of the frame. This smart looking monitor has a nice gray and black combination making it look all the more attractive. Just like the CHG70, the CHG90 has a ring of light that is seen from the rear of the screen where you fix the stand. This light gives the monitor a subtle blue glow that looks quite appealing. There is a ring of plastic to dim the light, but if you want it to look bright, then you can remove this ring.

There are screws provided to attach the stand. Remove these and you can fit the provided VESA wall-mount adapter that will allow you to use this monitor on any monitor stand or a regular TV stand. The stand that is supplied with the monitor is practical offering height adjustment, tilt and left-right rotation. Make sure, you have a large stand to accommodate this giant of a monitor or else the monitor will hang out from both the sides.



Coming to connectivity, this Samsung CHG90 monitor has a full-size display port 1.3 and a mini display port 1.3, two HDMI 2.0 ports, all supporting HDR. The Picture-by-picture mode allows you to quickly and easily flip between various sources on each half of the large screen. One point to remember while operating in this mode is that various features like the HDR, Free Sync and backlight strobing won’t get enabled when two sources are functional at the same time. There are a few USB3.0 ports; however, these are placed behind the monitor, making it difficult to plug a USB memory stick temporarily. Due to its huge size, reaching behind the monitor for plugging and unplugging the connections can be tricky.
The monitor looks quite intimidating due to its sheer size and the monitor’s 32:9 aspect ratios is equally overwhelming. You will have to purchase a stand that will accommodate this monitor without having its ends standing out from sides, which can be quite a task. The CHG90’s simple and functional design allows it to blend with any work environment.


The monitor’s display is packed with various features. It is a VA LCD panel with a native 3000:1 contrast ratio, refreshing up to 144 Hz, has a Free Sync, blur-reducing backlight strobing, a 1ms MPRT, and is HDR ready. The HDR feature means you can enjoy extra clarity, color accuracy, brightness and contrast. The 3840×1080 resolution may seem impressive, but the sheer size of the screen makes it dull. Battlefield One and Mass Effect Andromeda games ran in full resolution and ultra quality settings. You can open many applications at the same time without any difficulty, making it easier to multi-task. Easy Setting box is a desktop application were in you can split the monitor into six different areas. There are many different modes, including the one that splits the screen area into vertical panes or even two wide horizontal splits.

Users can customize how each portion of the display is split. Through the O-Screen Display (OSD) menu you can split the screen in many different ways. You can run two different computers at the same time and have the monitor pull both the video sources and split into two perfect displays. You can even set the screen to 21:9 displays for movies and games and the rest for email or work. There is a lot of flexibility with the Samsung CHG90 gaming monitor and the splitting of the screen is a feature that really stands out for this monitor compared to the various ultra-wide monitors that are available in the market.

The CHG90 has an excellent menu and navigating the menu through a single joystick at the bottom of the monitor is quick and easy. The menus are clearly laid out and intuitive making them easy to operate. Beneath the monitor there are three buttons that can be used to call up menu presets. This is a very useful addition that allows you to switch between a more aggressive set of gaming settings and the desktop oriented settings, all at the touch of the button.

Samsung CHG90 HDR


HDR is not the main selling feature of this gaming monitor. The images are dynamic, life like, with more colors and greater depth. Play an HDR game or video and you can see a greater variation in color, a detailed view of the image making it look all the more real. However, you need to note that HDR support on Windows is currently scratchy, which means you will have to manually switch HDR support on and off depending on the content you are watching. You can play some limited games by plugging an HDR ready Blue-Ray player or gameing consoles into the HDMI inputs and it will work.


Thanks to the better display resolution of 1080p the game support for this massive 32:9 aspect ratio is quite good. Most of the latest games will work. With various other gaming features like 144Hz refresh rates, Free Sync and native response time the user can enjoy exceptional gaming experience. The backlight strobing technology makes the response time fast and sharp for a responsive gaming experience.


Even though Samsung has launched this monitor exclusively for the hardcore gaming enthusiasts, it can also be used by business professionals. The spacious design and power packed performance makes it equally suitable for serious work and play. The customizable windows allow you to multi-task effortlessly. The Picture-by-picture function supports simultaneous connection of two external inputs that allows the monitor to serve as two separate screens for different devices. Impeccable design and color reproduction of the CHG90 not only makes it a great gaming monitor, but also provides an ideal platform for carrying out tasks like video and photo editing to some extent. It is perfectly designed for work and play. The colors are rich, deep and vibrant that appeals gamers, but this is not the true color and Graphic designers and videographers may not benefit from this technology. QLED is good if you are enjoying the content, but if you are planning some serious work, then you will lose accuracy.

Versatile Screen Splitting
Impeccable image quality
Impressive color reproduction
144Hz refresh rate
Only 1080p vertically
Too costly


When Samsung launched the CHG90 QLED monitor, everything about this monitor leaned towards gamers and avid game lovers. It has rich colors, high response rate, perfect resolution balance all of which favored the gamers. It is true that the monitor favored gamers, but that’s not all it can do. The bundled software from Samsung ensures the screen is easily manageable even with a dozen windows open, making it advantageous for business customers. If money is not an issue, then this monitor is recommended. So, if you want a no-compromise gaming station, then look no further, this monitor is ideal for you.


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