Then vs Meow: How Technology Has Changed Cats’ Lives (15 Pics)


Updated: July 24, 2024

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How Technology has changed the lives of cats

Changing technological advances has affected the lives of humans in a drastic way. This is evident from the fact that our day to day activities have changed and adapted to the new advances in technology. Computers, smartphones and internet have changed the way how the world looks at things now, and we humans cannot imagine our lives without these gadgets. Yes, technology has impacted our lives positively, but it has also taken away simple pleasures of life, which we used to cherish or enjoy a few decades ago.
Technological advances have not only impacted human beings, but also our pets in the household like dogs and cats. Just as humans have to adapt to new changes, cats have to go through and adapt to some very strange situations in homes.
The following sets of pictures are true representations of the present day situations that cats have to adapt and adjust. You can’t help smiling when you take a look at the lighter side of these images and have a good laugh at the present condition of our pets.


1. Sitting on TV

Olympics have not ended for us; we still perform our daily gymnastic training sessions. Relaxation was sleeping on the big box shaped television a few years back. Now it’s more like a pole vault gone wrong.


2. Intruding Human Personal Space

Previously notebooks used to keep me warm and secure, but now I can relax on an electronic notebook with a mouse underneath.


this way come


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