What Makes Tello The most Fun Drone ever?


Updated: June 12, 2024

Tellois a pleasure to fly and probably the cutest little drone available in the market. This little DJI Tello drone is packed with all the necessary top-end features making it one of the best drones to fly in 2018. The CES 2018 is flooded with numerous drones. There are various quadcopters and hexacopters that are designed for extreme performance that were unveiled at the CES.Ryze unveiled a unique, yet simple drone Tello. The DJI Tello is priced at $99 making it one of the best tiny flying toys for kids and amateur fliers. Tello has set a benchmark for all the entry level drones that will be flooding the market henceforth. Marketed as the most fun drone ever, Tello has traded the modern features like 4k camera or gimbal for a low price point and better safety features. See the world around you from the sky whether you are in a park, hanging out at home with friends or at office. Experience the world from a new perspective with the Dji Tello. With some fantastic features in the Tello you can experience endless enjoyment. So what are these high-end features that make the DJI Tello one of the best and sought after drones? Tello AppIf you have never piloted a drone, then you need not worry. The Tello app is designed to make everything easy for kids and adults alike. Even if you have never piloted a drone, you can just pull out your smart phone and click on the Tello app and fly with the intuitive control system. With just a simple tap on the screen, you can perform numerous maneuvers with ease.


This is a very small sized drone that easily fits in your palm. Measuring just 98 x 92.5 x 41mm it is an incredibly small drone compared to most others found in the market. The Tello is extremely lightweight and weighs approximately 80g, including the propellers and battery. The durable design combined with Dji’s flight technology makes sure that you can fly with confidence every time. It has a two-tone look and body shape. It can perform stunts with lot of EaseJust toss the Tello into the air and see how effortless it is to start flying the Dji Drone Tello. Just throw and its ready to go, it’s that simple especially for starters. You can even perform eight different flips by sliding your finger on the screen or even letting it fly up and down from your hand in a Bounce mode.

Dji Tello Drone

Shoot quick Videos with EZ shots

With the EZ shots you can fly the drone in three specific patterns: 360 circle and Up and Away while recording short videos. All of this is smooth and possible because of the Intel’s processor and electronic image stabilization technique. You can share the videos and images directly from your smartphone over social media. Smartphone VR Headset Compatibility Tello has the ability to live stream video to the compatible Virtual Reality (VR) headsets so that you can fly in breathtaking first person view.

Safe to fly indoors

The Tello gets rid of the redundant landing gear and instead extends the bottom of its rotor arms to act as its feet. It results in a shorter and a more compact air frame that makes it easier to fly indoors. With the software and hardware protections, the Dji Tello is extremely safe to fly indoors. Just with a single tap, it can take off or land automatically. The vision positioning system facilitates precise hovering and when the battery tends to go low, the drone will sound an alert. Even if by mistake you lose the connection, the Dji Tello can still land safely, all thanks to the failsafe protection. 

13 Minute flight Time

The high-capacity battery of Tello offers an impressive long flight time in the mini-drone category. For a drone of this size, it is not a mean achievement to fly for 13 minutes, which is quite impressive. The max speed tops at an 8m/s and you will be able to fly it outside when there is no wind at all.  


The small, yet powerful Tello camera utilizes a 5MP sensor that records in 720p.


The Tello is not only fun, it is a drone that allows you to learn the basics of programming along with fun. With the help of Scratch, a MIT developed coding system; you can develop your own flight pattern with the Dji Drone Tello. Advanced users can use the Tello SDK to develop software applications. Once you get to know the Tello well, you will understand how small, smart and cool Tello is. With a Google Daydream VR-like phone holder, the owners of Tello will also be able to jump into a POV flying experience.


– Affordable – Fun phone based POV mode – Motion controlled flying – Easily programmable – Collision Detection – Fail safe protection – Vision positioning system – Alerts when the battery goes low


– Very light weight, so there is always a risk of being blown away by wind – Not designed to be flown outside


Let us not write off the $99 Dji drone Tello, as it brings some very serious features that are very rare in drones of this size. With 13 minutes of flight time and motion-based controls, it is a more accessible drone, instead of getting another toy drone that will take off and land within a few minutes of getting airborne. The Tello is not just a cheapest drone, but a fun drone with a lot of abilities like flip with a single tap and quick pop into a POV mode with your phone. With the Dji Drone Tello you can perform various flying stunts, shoot quality videos with ez shots and even learn more about these drones with some coding education. A compatible remote controller and VR can be purchased separately from the stores. The Intel-backed smartphone app makes the drone flying experience all the more exciting. The box comes with an aircraft, propeller set, propeller guards, 1 battery and 1 propeller removal tool.


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