DJI CrystalSky Review- What is new in 2018


Updated: July 22, 2024

The DJI CrystalSky is designed especially for outdoor aerial imaging. The DJI CrystalSky monitor features an ultra-bright screen that allows clear visibility even under bright sunlight. Shooting with a drone can never be so easy with the DJI CrystalSky monitor. The monitor allows clear view of what your drone’s camera can see from the ground.

But, there are no ideal situations always and you may have to work with low-quality monitors or even work under bright weather conditions. All these factors make it all the more important to choose a quality monitor that will make a huge difference by capturing some high quality footage, which is not possible with a phone.

The DJI CrystalSky monitors are the next level design for piloting drones. Powerful design of the monitors along with sleek lines offers both aesthetically pleasing and a perfectly suited system ideally suited for the DJI’s product range. These monitors are designed to last under challenging conditions and it is the sturdiness of the monitor that is easily noticed at first sight.

The DJI CrystalSky monitor resembles a tablet, but is built for delivering quality images and videos from the drone. Checking the images on the tablet every time can be difficult sometimes especially when you are outdoors. To tackle these issues, DJI came up with the CrystalSky monitor with features like 1000 cd/m for 5.5” and 7.85”, which is twice as brighter than the standard mobile devices. There is also an option to get 7.85” Ultra Brightness which is four times brighter, but you have to shell out extra for this feature.


The CrystalSky monitors from DJI use the optimized video decoding to decode video in real time. An optimized decoder allows smooth and real-time video with minimum delay. An optimized decoder provides smooth and real-time video with very little delay. As far as offline maps are concerned, they can be kept available even if Wi-Fi is not available.
There are ample storage opportunities with a dual Micro SD slots. The storage ability can be extended and footage can be recorded on a MicroSD card and can be directly played on the monitor. It can also be used to store backup of the footage and to playback on the monitor. The CrystalSky supports H.264 and H.265 video decoding, allowing it to playback these files at 30fps and 60fps respectively. The videos can be played through the HDMI port also. The HDMI port of the CrystalSky allows up to 4K video that can be played to FPV goggles and other display devices. The CrystalSky works only on drones and doesn’t connect to normal devices like DSLRS and mirrorless cameras. It is compatible with only DJI products.

The built-in dual band Wi-Fi allows you to connect to the Wi-Fi networks and the Wi-Fi hotspots from mobile devices. The monitor is compatible with 4G dongles and USB storage through the USB-A port. To minimize the use of mobile data, the file sizes are optimized. The built-in Micro USB and USB-C ports make it pretty easy to connect the CrystalSky with a remote controller or any other devices.



The CrystalSky series monitors can easily connect to the Inspire series, phantom 4 series, phantom 3 series, matrice series and the Osmo series except the Osmo mobile, through Wi-Fi or a remote control USB port depending on the product. Moreover, the CrystalSky attaches easily to the Cendence remote controller without requiring an additional mounting bracket.
Most devices are designed to work under a specific temperature range, but the CrystalSky series external battery is designed to work under extreme temperatures. It will work effortlessly in temperature -4 degree F and thanks to the internal cooling system the CrystalSky series functions normally in temperatures as high as 40 degree Celsius.

DJI CrystalSky Screen Performance

1000cd/m square and 2000cd/m square of brightness means that the monitor is four times brighter than the typical mobile devices. The details on the screen are sharp with vivid colors giving you the required quality needed to fine tune the image composition. To ensure comfortable viewing and for processing the image in real-time under bright sunlight the monitor is equipped with a dedicated Sunlight Readability Enhancement Mode.


7.85 inches: 2048 x 1536 -5.5 inches: 1920 x 1080
5.5 inches and 7.85 inches
Multi-touch display with IPS technology
4K: H.264 4k 30fps/ H.265 4k 60fps
Weight: 7.85 inches : approx 425g -5.5 inches:approx.228g

Battery Life

Like expected, these monitors are equipped with a workhorse battery of 4920mAh. Once charged they can work continuously for 4-8 hours. The other important feature of these batteries are that they are replaceable, which means you can get an extra one and work for another 6 hours without affecting your work. These batteries can work in temperatures down to -20 Celsius and up to 40 Celsius.

DJI CrystalSky Ports and Network

The CrystalSky comes with a Micro USB port and a USB-C port that makes it easy to connect to a remote controller. You can transfer 4k videos via the HDMI port to the DJI goggles and various other devices with a lot of ease. The dual band Wi-Fi allows you to connect both the Wi-Fi networks as well as hotspots. When the device is connected to the internet there is easy access to the systems firmware upgrades, data synchronization, image sharing and lots more. The recorded files can be easily optimized to meet the demands of mobile data. The device though doesn’t support Bluetooth.

The DJI CrystalSky is not fully compatible with the DJI Osmo pro camera and works just ok, if you use the wired connectivity to reduce any latency and to do so you will need a wired video adapter that converts the video signal to USB signal allowing you to connect the CrystalSky monitor.


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