Best DSLR Cameras for 2018


Updated: May 26, 2024

Best DSLR CameraIf you are serious about photography and want to take your passion to the next level, then look no further than a DSLR camera. A smart phone camera or a point and shoot device will not be sufficient to achieve your passion. A good photographer should have a DSLR if you are serious about photography. The Digital single lens reflex cameras or the DSLRs have the ability to switch out lenses, manual control and adjust every setting imaginable. This is the preferred tool of choice for beginners and professional photographers. There was a time when only professional photographers used the DSLR cameras, but now with so many models flooding the market and many even launching, entry level cameras that are much cheaper than earlier and more and more enthusiasts have started taking interest in serious photography.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional level photographer, the DSLRs offer a lot of features that showcases their talent. The latest DSLRs have stronger performance and varied features compared to the previous models and that too in high quality.

The following guide will help you select a best DSLR camera depending on your need and the following 10 best DSLR cameras are the hottest and most preferred models in 2018.

1. Nikon D850

Best DSLR Camera
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Nikon has proved that speed and resolution can co-exist with the D850, a multimedia DSLR that boasts of a 45.7 mega pixel full frame CMOS sensor with the optical low pass filter to preserve sharpness in photos. It uses the Nikon’s EXPEED 5 image processor that enables full resolution 7fps burst shooting. It is one of the fastest shooting DSLRs and the different combination of properties will widen the cameras appeal to high-end enthusiasts as well as professional photographers.


• 45.7MP BSI CMOS sensor
• 7fps continuous shooting
• 153 point AF system
• UHD 4K video capture at up to 30p from full sensor width
• 1080 video at up to 120p
• 1 XQD slot and 1 UHS II-compliant SD slot
• Battery life rated at 1840 shots
• 3.2” tilting touchscreen with 2.36M-dot LCD
• Illuminated Controls
• Advanced Time-lapse options
• Built-in snap bridge allows for wireless sharing of low-resolution imagery
• Weather sealed design

45.7MP FX-format BSI CMOS Sensor and EXPEED 5 Processor

First for Nikon DSLRs, a 45.7MP BSI CMOS sensor is used for shooting high-resolution, impressive low-light quality and fast read out speeds to enable continuous shooting of movies and time-lapse recording. The sensor’s design omits conventional optical low-pass filter to achieve very sharp resolution from the sensors. Complementing the sensor is the EXPEED 5 image processor, which offers speed throughout the camera system, including the ability to shoot continuously at 7 fps in a single burst.

Nikon D850 Body and Design

A professional DSLR camera needs to be robust to put up the rigorous daily use. The D850 is not lagging behind on this and Nikon has produced an incredibly strong camera that feels superbly constructed. To ensure sturdiness, the body is built around magnesium alloy chassis. It is weather sealed to prevent moisture, dirt and dust from penetrating the body seams and damaging the internal systems. The pop-up flash has been removed by Nikon in this model, just like many other professional DSLRs. The grip is enhanced and fits even the largest hands well.

Nikon D850 Silent Shooting

Nikon has made an attempt to silence its DSLR even in the past by adding shooting modes that dampen the sound of the mirror slap. The D850 is equipped with two such modes and both can be found from the drive mode dial on the top corner of the body. The mirror slap is still audible even though these modes do suppress the sound a little bit. There is zero vibration and complete silence of the electronic shutter of the D850 that enables the users to capture images in complete silence using the live view.

Nikon D850 View Finder and Screen

After many years Nikon has introduced a tilting touchscreen on one of its high-resolution DSLRs. The screen is 2.36m dot LCD and it tilts up and down for waist level shooting. The angle of the tilt is particularly useful for low and high angle shooting. The screen is responsive, sensitive and precise to touch. The viewfinder is equally impressive. It doesn’t offer the preview of the white balance, exposure or depth of the field in the way of the electronic viewfinder. Being the optical type, the viewfinder has zero lag.

Nikon D850 Autofocus

Nikon’s professional cameras are known for putting in fast and accurate focusing performance. The Autofocus in the D850 is faster than you thought and is impressive in poor lighting conditions.

Nikon D850 Performance

Being a versatile camera you can easily shoot wide range of subjects in different environments. The combination of high resolution, fast focus speed and tilt angle screen allows you to capture shots bursting with details even from low angles. The display is crystal clear, touch control is responsive and the accurate color is excellent for monitoring results.



• Full frame 45.7 MP image sensor
• 153-point auto focus system
• 7fps burst shooting
• wide ISO range
• 4K video
• optical view finder
• tilting LCD touchscreen
• Dual card slots
• Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
• Live view focus uses contrast detection only
• omits built-in flash
• Snapbridge system need improvement

2: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Best DSLR Camera
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The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is a model that is designed to attract a wide range of users like amateurs and professional photographers. The 5D Mark IV is among the best DSLRs in the market with some great performance. The Mark IV has a nice balance between the resolution and shooting rate making it an ideal camera for professional photographers.


• 30.4 Mega pixels
• Full-frame sensors
• Maximum ISO of 102400
• 3.2 inches LCD size
• 1,62,000 LCD dots
• Optical viewfinder
• 720p, 1080p and 4k video resolution
• 1.8 lb weight


The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV looks pretty same as its predecessors from the outside. This camera is loaded with an array of features that makes it a serious contender for the best DSLRs in 2018. It comes with a higher resolution sensor along with dual pixel Autofocus. This is the first camera in the 5k series that can record in 4K. The EOS 5D Mark IV comes with an upgraded Autofocus system , touchscreen LCD, weather proof body, inbuilt Wi-Fi, NFC support, an interval timer and GPS. All these upgraded features is combined very well in this Canon 5D Mark IV.

Perfect for Low-Light Photography

The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV comes with a 30.4 MP CMOS and uses the DIGIC 6+processor. The Autofocus system comprises of 61 Autofocus point out of which 41 are cross type. The camera can focus completely on the subject on live mode with the best in class “face detection + tracking mode”. If you enjoy low-light photography the Autofocus system is sensitive to -3EV in one shot mode and -4EV in live mode, which gives an extra edge in low light. You can even take pictures of 8.8MP while recording the 4k videos.

Features and connectivity

Wi-Fi and GPS, both are in-built. You will have to enable the GPS if you want location Meta data added to your images. It’s a great feature to have especially for landscape photographers as it lets you know exactly where you were when you clicked the image. The Wi-Fi lets you transfer images from the 5D to your smart phone via Android or iOS Cannon Camera connect app. You can transfer JPEG images in full resolution or a smaller version and if you shoot raw version, the camera will convert and resize the images pretty easily for quick transfer to your phone.

The one feature that is disappointing especially for the beginners and amateurs a bit is that there is no in-built flash with this camera. Users will have to get the accessory flash from the market to compensate this issue.



• Full-frame 30.4 MP CMOS sensor along with Dual Pixel Autofocus
• ISO dynamic range is very impressive
• Excellent low-light photography
• 4k video recording
• 61 Autofocus points out of which 41 are cross type
• Excellent “face detection + Tracking mode”
• 7fps burst shooting
• No built-in flash
• Costly
• Limited 4k options
• No log gamma and zebras for photograph
• 4k/30p video requires CF card
• Calibrating the Autofocus settings need experience

3: Nikon D750

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If you want a mid range DSLR, then the Nikon D750 is the one that offers a lot without shelling out anything extra. The D750 is a well designed camera with 24MP DSLR. The build quality has the front part carved out of reinforced plastic with carbon fiber. The top and rear panel is made from magnesium alloy, which gives it a weather proof seal. The camera sports an anti-aliasing filter over the high-end sensor.


• 24 Megapixels
• 1.7lb weight
• Full-Frame sensor 35.9 x 24mm
• 51200 maximum ISO
• 3.2 inches LCD
• 1,229,000 LCD dots
• Optical viewfinder
• 720p and 1080p resolution
• Simultaneous internal recording and HDMI output
• Built-in Wi-Fi
• Highlight Weighted Metering

Accurate Metering

The Nikon D750 has introduced a pro-grade feature inheriting 91,000 pixel RGB monitoring sensor.
The high resolution sensor allows scene analysis, accurate metering and also allows spot metering with selected Autofocus point. A professional photographer will surely be impressed by these features.

No Eye-piece shutter

The Nikon D750 lacks the in-built eye piece shutter and if your eyes are not in the viewfinder the metering might get fooled by capturing any stray light from the rear side of the viewfinder. To prevent this from happening, Nikon has provided with a plastic cap to cover the eyepiece. The LCD screen provides great performance contrast and strong colors. The LCD screen can be tilted to give an extra dimension while video recording.

First full-frame camera from Nikon

If you want to use the camera along with your smart phone as a shutter button, the built-in integrated Wi-Fi allows you to remotely take pictures. Even though the camera doesn’t give detailed resolution, it captures sharp details and well controlled noise in the picture.

Design and Controls

Apart from the screen, the D750 looks similar to the D610 and D7100. There are dials for exposure mode and drive mode, dual command dials and passive LCD screen on top of the plate. Buttons are strategically set for white balance, quality, ISO speed, Autofocus metering, exposure bracketing and exposure compensation work simultaneously with the dual command dials to provide access to all the key settings without having to take the camera away from the eye. Some people may complain about the lack of an AF On button, which separates Autofocus and the shutter release buttons. Battery life is slightly better and longest amongst the three at 1,230 shots. Wi-Fi is built-in for the first time in the Nikon full-frame SLR. This one only supports image transfers and not remote viewfinder functions.



• Good handling
• Great image quality
• Excellent Autofocus system
• Best in class 24MP full frame sensor’s
• Tilt angle LCD screen
• Lightweight body
• Best in class burst mode
• Large optical viewfinder
• No AF-On button
• Limited shutter speed
• Autofocus is slow in live mode
• Very few manual controls
• Slightly over-exposed pictures
• Continuous shooting is affected due to limited buffer capacity
• The Smart phone app offers limited camera control

4: Canon EOS 7D Mark II

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If you are an amateur photographer and want a DSLR that is compact, then the Canon EOS 7D Mark II will be the best choice with an all new image sensor and processing engine. It comes with a 20.2MP sensor with redesigned micro lenses for better efficiency and high quality images.


• 20 MP CMOS (APS-C) Sensor
• Continuous Shooting
• 65-point1 AF System
• Dual Pixel CMOS AF
• Full HD 60p
• Intelligent Viewfinder II
• New and improved custom controls
• Magnesium Alloy Body
• EOS scene detection system
• 3.0 inch LCD
• Compatible with Wi-Fi Adapter3 W-E14

For Creative People

The EOS 7 D Mark II camera is a good combination of cutting edge technology, robust and ergonomic designs. The refined APS-C sized 20.2 Mega pixel CMOS sensor along with the Dual Digic 6 processing engine produced some stunning images. It shoots up to 10fps at ISO ranging from 100-16000 and has a 65-point1 all cross-type AF system. There are dual card slots for both CF and SD cards along with USB 3.0 connectivity and a built-in GPS2. The EOS 7D Mark II is an ideal DSLR camera for creative and passionate photographers. The Wi-Fi connectivity encourages enthusiasts to use their DSLR more because the clicked images can be shared easily, but this is not the case with this camera. You can still use the EOS 7D at varied environments without any great issue.

Sensor and Image Quality

Just like the 7D, the Canon 7D Mark II produces some very high quality images by APS-C sensor standards. The Mark II has 20.2 MP sensors capable of very good and detailed image quality and resolution. At low ISO dynamic range is good at 12.7EV, which is quite decent, but if you look at the cost, it is advisable to look for other brands. There is a significant difference between the APS-C and full-frame models when the sensitivity levels are ramped up. The Mark II offers very low voice up to ISO 1600, and the results at ISO 3200 are quite stable. It’s only when you move up higher than this that we see the limits of APS-C becomes little apparent.

Video Quality

The video quality is not that great or according to the expectations. There is no 4k video, which is a huge disappointment. Video capture tops out at 1080p at 60fps with 24, 25 and 30fps modes also available.

Viewfinder and Screen

There are no great surprises in the Canon EOS 7D Mark II ‘s rear display and viewfinder. It comes with a 3-inch 1.04million dot LCD at the back. The LCD is fixed and not tilted, which can be a disadvantage for a photographer shooting high speed action as he may want to shoot in dynamic angle.

Auto focus and Performance

Performance of shooting has always been a key draw of the 7D and with the Mark II, Canon has made significant improvements. Thanks to the pair of DIGIC 6 processors, burst shooting speeds have gone up from 8fps to 10fps. This kind of speed is great for action and nature shooting, but this is not the fastest APS-C camera in the market. Still photography is good and shooting speed is not much without the Autofocus performance, but the 7D comes good. The performance is excellent and the technology is solid too.



• Impressive image quality
• Decent burst performance
• Fast and reliable Autofocus system
• GPS support
• 10fps shooting
• Dual pixel Autofocus for live view and video
• silent control while shooting video
• Dual SD and CF card slots
• Good colors even at high ISO
• Headphone jack for sound monitoring
• No 4k video recording
• No Wi-Fi connectivity
• No touchscreen
• No focus peaking
• No Autofocus in continuous shooting for live view
• In live view shooting screen goes dark for a longtime

5: Nikon D610

Best DSLR Camera
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The Nikon D610 is an excellent camera that is capable of recording in detail with rich tones, pleasant colors and good exposure. It has inherited most of the features from the D600 with a few technical changes and upgrade. If you have used the D600, and are happy with its performance, then you will surely love this upgrade. The camera comes with a 24.3MP FX-format CMOS sensor that gives really good performance. The JPEG pictures are of high-quality even at high sensitivities.


• 24.3 Megapixels Resolution
• 748g weight
• 3.2 inches screen size
• 1x optical zoom
• 1/200 seconds shutter speed
• 1920 x 1080 video capture resolution
• Optical viewfinder

Improved Photography and Quality

Nikon has introduced the D610 camera that makes the art of photography simple and aids in achieving professional quality results. The D610 is one more addition to the stable of Nikon that produce quality images. The 24.3 MP sensors brings a unique clarity to every image and the EXPEED3 processor improves the performance of the camera giving you images that have better detailing and clear depth. The shutter speed of 1/200 seconds comes very handy when you are taking images on the go.

Processor and Built quality

The EXPEED3 processor gives quality results. With this quality processor, taking images becomes smooth and simple. The overall image quality is also pretty good. Even the body of the D610 is made of light-weight material that is extremely durable. Weighing only 760gms, this camera is light-weight to carry around.

LCD monitor and Sensitivity range

The D610 comes with a 3.2 inch LCD monitor that allows you to watch the images. The monitor adjusts the brightness automatically according to the situation. The optical viewfinder features almost 100 percent frame coverage so that composition in FX format is precise. The sensitivity range comes in handy when you light issues. The wide sensitivity range of ISO 100 to 6400 ensures that your images don’t suffer due to dim lighting.

HD Quality Videos

The D610 as we all by now know can capture high quality images; the camera is also equipped to take HD videos. With the 1920 x 1080/30p the camera is capable of recording videos with real life clarity. The time-lapse photography function adds a lot of charm to your videos. This feature allows you to shoot dramatic movies that move from 24 to 36,000 times of normal speed.

Full-frame photography and Lenses

The D610 is optimized for full-frame shooting, streamlined for value and compactness and help you
attain your photographic passions. The new and continuous quiet mode allows you to capture a sequence of of shots without the noise associated with the raising and lowering of the DSLR mirror. Whether you are shooting landscapes, images or close-ups, you will be surprised at the D610s color reproduction. If you add the newest range of affordable and fast zooms with VR image stabilization or lenses you will see the full potential of the D610.


The configuration of the dual SD cards feature can be done in many ways. One SD card can be used
as a primary storage while the other can be used as a duplicate storage. If you want to shoot RAW and JPEG images, one slot can be configured to store RAW pictures and the other for JPEG.



• Perfect handling
• Good sensor performance
• Great Autofocus
• Quiet and continuous shooting mode
• Dual SD card slots
• Outstanding ISO for Raw and JPEG
• Weather sealing
• 100 percent viewfinder coverage with high magnification
• Mic and headphone ports
• No Wi-Fi
• AF points grouped near
• Autofocus is slow in live view and video modes
• No display in rear screen while the data is written to the card in live view
• No touchscreen
• Bulky body
• No image stabilization

6: Nikon D500

Best DSLR Camera
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The Nikon D500 is touted as the best DSLR for taking sports photography. If you want a DSLR with good features and ease of use, then your search should end with the D500. The D500 is a classy 21MP DSLR camera that is capable of shooting up to 10 fps and designed keeping in mind the the needs of professionals who want to work with a light-weight and small DSLR than the full-frame models. It boasts of a focal length magnification similar to the DX format sensor. The lesser the number of pixels on the sensor means photo sites to be bigger and also to improve the low-light photography.


• 20.9 Megapixels
• 862g weight
• 1 optical zoom
• 1/250 shutter speed
• TTL exposure metering using the RGB sensor with approximately 180k pixels
• Refined AF system for revolutionary performance

The NikonD500 heart

The new Nikon D500 at first glance my look less attractive, but this DSLR is a powerhouse of processing power and technological advances. The D500 captures everything with super clarity, speed and resolution. The D500 is capable of shooting busy low light cityscapes to even adventurous wildlife scenes and fast action too. It is an ideal companion for your wanderlust. You will be spellbound with the 4k UHD videos, its ruggedness and versatility. You can share the captured images through the built-in Snap Bridge capabilities.

Travel companion

The sleek and beautiful D500 with some stunning resolution is a great travel companion. It packs in a lot of power in its small body, all thanks to the DX sensor, which means you can take advantage of the smaller and even lighter DX lenses in the NIKKOR line and when you are traveling every gram of weight counts. The 20.9 CMOS sensor is always ready to capture even the minutest details, colors and texture.

Full potential Lenses

Like every Nikon DSLRs, the D500 is paired with the legendary NIKKOR lenses which provide good clarity and versatility. With these legendary lenses you can shoot your memories, landscapes and even portraits without any effort. Pair your D500 with the NIKKOR lenses and you will succeed in all your ventures. If you have any trouble working in artificial lights, then the D500 will solve your problem with the anti-flicker option that quickly syncs with the brightest point in the flickering cycle of the artificial lights. This is useful while shooting any indoor sport.

Able Bodied

Even though the D500 looks small, it is an extraordinary DSLR camera. It has a rugged build, durable and ergonomics that are associated with the Nikon DSLRs. Built with the rugged magnesium alloy and carbon fiber materials, the D500 is dust and water proof, which means you, can be at peace while shooting in extreme environments. The 3.2 inch tilting RGB LCD touchscreen makes it easy to get shots from high and low angles.

Video Recording made Easy

The Nikon D500 comes with input ports for external Mic as well as a headphone jack. The 4k becomes useful if you are shooting any sports action. The DSLR also features post processing flexibility, on-screen highlight warnings and power aperture while it is in the movie mode.



• High quality Raw and JPEG
• Amazing Autofocus even at 10fps
• Good 4k video quality
• AF mode is easy to operate
• Nice and fast touchscreen facility
• Anti-flicker option gives smooth outcomes in artificial lights
• Dual memory card slots
• Tilting LCD screen
• Easy to use controls
• Polished handling
• Inconsistent Snapbridge
• Limited video tools
• Battery drains quickly
• No USB charging
• AF in Live view is slow sometimes
• Touch less controls are limited

7: Nikon Coolpix P900

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The Nikon Coolpix P900 is nothing short of spectacular with its 83X optical zoom. With this DSLR, you are never left without any opportunity to capture some amazing images. This has 2000mm of optical zoom more than any Nikon Coolpix. Professional photographers will appreciate the outstanding image quality captured with this camera along with other features like ease of handling, swiveling vari-angle display, electronic viewfinder that turns on automatically when you raise it near your eye and a PSAM mode control dial.


• 16MP CMOS sensor
• Electronic viewfinder
• 24-2000mm 35mm equivalent focal length
• 83x optical zoom NIKKOR Super ED VR lens
• Vari-angle TFT LCD screen
• Dual Detect Optical VR
• Full HD 1080/60 p video
• Built-in Wi-Fi, NFC and GPS
• Auto and Full manual exposure controls
• 166x dynamic fine zoom, 332x digital zoom

Image Sensor

The 16MP CMOS image sensor delivers some amazing high-resolution images and helps record high-quality images with low noise. The image sensor also records full HD 1080p videos.

Optical Zoom Lens with Dual Detect Optical VR

The 4.3- 357mm f/2.8-6.5 lens has 35mm equivalent optical zoom in the range of 24-2000mm. This enables the user to shoot in different situations and allows you to shoot far away subjects like wildlife, events or sports or even moon. The Dual Detect Optical VR reduces the amount of camera shake in the images by providing at least five stops of compensation.

166x Dynamic Fine Zoom, 332x Digital Zoom

The Coolpix P900 comes with a zoom up to 166x with an enhanced digital zoom that effectively doubles your reach or 332x digital zoom for quadruple the optical zoom reach. If you lose sight of the subject while you have zoomed in, then simply press the snap-back zoom button for a quick zoom out view. Now, you can find your subject again and then release the button to zoom back in.

Dual Viewing Systems

The Nikon Coolpix P900 provides you with two viewing options to choose from. It features a Vari-Angle TFT LCD screen that comes with a six level brightness adjustment that allows you to monitor and compose shots comfortably from different shooting positions and an electronic eye-level viewfinder that allows you to conveniently frame your shots.

Built-in Wi-Fi, NFS and GPS

The Snapbridge feature from Nikon allows you to control your camera from a smart device through a built-in Wi-Fi and the NFC allows you to share the images with your friends and family and the GPS feature will allow you to identify where your images where shot.

Full HD Videos

Along with high quality images, the Coolpix P900 can capture full HD videos at 1920 x 1080p up to 60fps with a built-in microphone that provides stereo audio recording. It has other frame rates and modes like high speed video recording at 120fps at a reduced resolution.

Enhanced Battery Life

With the Nikon Coolpix P900, you can shoot up to 360 shots on a single battery charge, which is quite an achievement.



• Best in class zoom range
• Excellent image stabilization
• Impressive photo quality
• Works decently under low-light
• Clear electronic viewfinder
• Nicely designed LCD
• Offers various manual options
• Speedy performance even at full zoom
• Image quality is restricted by small image sensor
• Less sharp image
• Limited ISO 6400 Max
• Bulky
• RAW image capture is not supported
• Few image details feel soft
• Noise levels on picture is high

8: Nikon D3400

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If you want to own a small size DSLR that is light-weight and is simple to use and maintain the benefits of an interchangeable lens, then this DSLR is the one to lookout for. The Nikon D3400 comes with many improved features that make it a preferred choice of photographers. Even though
the improvements are small, but this D3400 is one of the best DSLR at this price tag.


• 24MP APS-C CMOS sensor
• 11-point phase detect auto focus system
• 1080/60p video capability
• Fixed 3” 920k-dot LCD screen
• 5fps burst shooting
• Bluetooth LE for image transfer


The D3400 is built around the same 24MP APS-C CMOS sensor found in its previous models along with the “EXPEED 4” image processor, full HD video capture and a 11 point auto focus system. Since the camera doesn’t come with a Wi-Fi, but does have Bluetooth LE connectivity for transferring images from the camera to a smart device via the “Snapbridge” app.


The Snapbridge works with Bluetooth LE for automatically transferring of 2MP images to your mobile that can be shared with your family and friends. This feature allows you an instant access to the images you have captured as you shoot. Snapbridge also has direct access to the Nikon Image Space a site that offers cloud storage and sharing of photos and albums.

High Quality Images

The large 24.2 MP DX format sensor of the D3400 works with the AF-P DX NIKKOR lens to ensure high quality images. The wide ISO sensitivity range of 100-25600 allows you to capture images in low-light conditions. The JPEG engine produces powerful and detailed images. The Nikon’s EXPEED4 engine allows burst shooting up to 5fps and an impressive Full-HD video recording.

Smooth Camera Functioning

The camera comes with the Nikon’s impressive vibration reduction that keeps images sharp even in low lights. Designed to shoot stable hand held shooting, VR lets you shoot at up to four stops slower. It allows you to capture blur-free images every time. You can turn the VR off or on using the menu of the camera.



• Compact and lightweight DSLR
• Great battery life
• Easy to use
• Good Auto-focus performance
• Easy picture sharing with Snapbridge
• Pocket friendly price
• No touchscreen
• No Wi-Fi
• No External microphone port
• Relatively basic controls
• Unstable Bluetooth connectivity
• No ultrasonic cleaning function that shakes the dust off the sensor
• Live view is not available in continuous drive mode

9: Canon EOS 6D

DSLR camera
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If you are new to photography or are an amateur photographer, then the Canon EOS 6D is the perfect DSLR camera that will make your photography session quite easy. If you consider the entry level category of DSLR with full-frame and high image capability, then your search should end at the EOS 6D.


• 20.2MP full-frame CMOS sensor
• DIGIC 5+image processor
• 3.0” 1.04m Dot Clear View LCD Monitor
• Full HD 1080p video recording at 30fps
• 11-point AF with center cross-type point
• Native ISO 25600, extended to ISO 102400
• 4.5fps shooting at full resolution
• Built-in Wi-Fi and GPS connectivity
• IFCL 63-zone Dual Layer Metering Sensor
• In-Camera HDR and Multiple Exposure Mode

Good Focusing even at low-lights

The Canon EOS 6D is capable of focusing in the very low light conditions also. This is one of the best DSLRs with a low price tag. It is able to focus right down to -3 EV, which is approximately equal to full moon light.

20.2 MP Full-frame CMOS Sensor

The EOS 6D comes with a large full-frame 20.2 MP CMOS sensor that offers high level image quality with smallest attention given to depiction of colors, detailing and sharpness. Due to these detailing, the large sensors are capable of producing greater depth and smooth gradients and tonal transitions. The pixel structure works in close collaboration with the DIGIC 5+ image processor. The DIGIC 5+ image processor delivers overall speed and power to the 6D and utilizes the dual 4-channel A/D converter front end processing circuits for expedited conversion of RAW and JPEG file formats.

Auto focus System

The EOS 6D comes with a 11-point AF system for fast and precise focusing regardless of the subject matter. It provides even coverage across the entire frame while a more refined center cross-type point with the EV-3 sensitivity provides accurate low-light focusing and is more efficient.

Efficient Design

The EOS 6D contains a full-frame sensor that is fitted within a compact body for easy portability without compromising on the image quality. The body is made of aluminum alloy and polycarbonate chassis with a magnesium and polycarbonate exterior for extra durability. For effective cleaning there is an integrated cleaning system that helps remove any dust. The ultrasonic vibration removes the dust from the filters and is collected by an absorbent.

3.0” LCD Monitor

The 3.0” clear view TFT LCD monitor provides for high quality viewing at 1,040,000-dot resolution and an anti-reflection coating. This allows for clear and sharp viewing even in brightest conditions. The images are displayed in great detail and in full color and tones.

Single SD card for Storage

If you are looking to take large number of images and videos, then you will have to store all of them in the single SD card. There is only one SD card slot, which reduces the storage flexibility. You will have to depend on the various fast and high storage SD cards that are available in the market.



• In camera RAW conversion
• Ability to focus in low light
• Full manual control in video mode
• Built-in GPS and Wi-Fi
• Great battery life with GPS and Wi-Fi turned off
• Easy to use HDR mode
• Easy access to shooting settings with quick control
• Wi-Fi enabled remote camera control using a tablet or smart phone
• Single SD card slot
• No headphone Jack
• No uncompressed video output option
• HDR mode in JPEG only
• Low resolution compared to other DSLRs
• No built-in flash
• slow burst rate

10: Canon EOS 80D

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The Canon EOS 80D is a new and better version of the EOS 70D. The 80D comes with more Megapixels, improved video quality, and a better Auto-focus system. The 80D retains the Dual Pixel CMOS AF system that enhances speed and tracking. This is great camera for a photography enthusiast that delivers some amazing results.


• 24.2 Megapixels
• 30 seconds max shutter speed
• 1x optical zoom
• Image Stabilization
• 3 inches LCD screen
• Optical viewfinder

Features and Design

Design wise there is no major change from the 70D and looks very similar to a regular DSLR with an all-black body with a textured finish. Without lens it weighs only 26 ounces and weighs similar to its predecessors. Even though it is bulky, a lot of photographers love the large grip and body helping them in keeping things steady. The Vari-angle touchscreen LCD lets you hold the camera at different angles and use your finger to tap on specific points. This camera is designed for the enthusiasts.

CMOS Sensor

The APS-C CMOS sensor’s resolution has been improved to 24.2 Megapixels, a notch higher than the predecessors. The burst rate is 7fps and shutter speed is 1/8,000 to 30 seconds. ISO range is increased to 100-16,000 for stills and the video ISO is the same for both at 100-12-800. The 80D comes with an improved processor (DIGIC 6) so it captures longer bursts 110 JPEGS against the 40 in the 70D.

Auto-focus System

The new autofocus system with 45 focus points covers more of the frame. This means you have bigger buffer for longer bursts and improved tracking ability. You can still use the auto mode and still get high quality images and videos. The colors are extremely accurate and dynamic. The Canon EOS 80D is an enthusiast camera with 1/8000th of shutter speed and quick burst rate of 7fps. This camera captures nice action shots.

Video Quality

The video camera is almost old school camcorder. Auto-focus is an issue with cameras, but the Dual Pixel AF system used in the live view mode is outstanding. You don’t need to focus as the camera does the work, no matter what. Color of the images is just perfect. The full HD video at 1080/60p clips is beautiful during playback with no issues of rolling shutters. The 80D has a native ISO range for stills, but you can customize the settings to improve the range.


We were not happy with the wireless connectivity of the 70D, but it is better is in the 80D. The 80D offers NFC connectivity along with Wi-Fi, but there is no dedicated Wi-Fi button, but you can find it in the quick menu. Once connected you can transfer the JPEG images from the camera and control the camera remotely. With the camera connect app you can change settings like ISO and white balance, select focus area and even focus manually.



• Excellent 24 Megapixels stills
• Best DSLR auto focusing for movie capture
• 45 autofocus system
• Headphone jack
• No 4k Video


Best-DSLR-camera-2018Photo Credit : amazon


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