15 Shocking Truths behind Cat Behaviors


Updated: July 22, 2024

Cats can provide with endless entertainment for their owners. Ask any cat owner and he will have many funny and strange stories to share about their cat. Cats, not only curl up and sit on our laps and purr, they also give us opportunities to understand cat behavior. The following article about cat behavior explained in detail their strange habits and why they behave strangely.

1.Quivering Butt

cat behavior

This is an impossibly cute behavior of cats. They often like to wiggle and shake their hindquarters when they are ready to pounce, but why do they do it. The wild cousins of the cats grind the ground with their hindquarters before they pounce, but domestic cats ground with their hind legs. They wiggle their behinds vigorously to attain balance and leverage. Kittens learn this behavior from their mothers by watching them every day while hunting. Some experts point out that, this may be a learned or an innate behavior or a combination of both. According to vets, butt wiggling is a physical preparation to ensure a successful pounce that in turn can provide them with a hearty meal. When cats pounce they use their hind legs to propel themselves for a full takeoff. While walking, cats alternate their hind legs, but for jumping or pouncing they use both their hind legs. The wiggling allows the cat to balance and also to check the ground before they pounce. A leap from a loose ground can result in a failed attempt or can be dangerous.

2.Cats roll back and forth on the carpet.
15 Shocking Truths Behind Cat Behaviors
Often, this may look like a strange behavior coming from a cat, but there is no need to be alarmed. Your cat is not experiencing any physical discomfort or having a fit. Dogs roll back and forth as a signal of submission, but cats do this strange action for gaining attention. Rolling allows the cat to spread its scent and it also provides self-massage for the cats head and cheeks as it rubs on the floor or carpet. Cats love routine and once a pattern is established the rolling on the ground becomes a comfortable ritual. It could also be an invitation for play. This invitation can be to their fellow felines or to their human friends. This strange behavior might have started with just an itchy back and then the cats starts to learn that this behavior of his is getting a lot of attention. A cat owner feels this behavior as cute and reaches down and gives more attention and if the cat loves this, he will repeat this behavior.

3.Squinting cat
15 Shocking Truths Behind Cat Behaviors
A cat with his eyes half closed or a cat that flutters his eyelids is a way to tell he is content. It is way to say that he is safe and trusts you a lot. Of course, there are medical conditions that can lead to squinting of eyes in cats. If there is no medical condition, then the squinting of eyes means he is smiling back at you. If you look at your cat and he leisurely closes his eyes, blinks or squints, he means he trusts you and is happy you are there for him. If your cat’s eyes are wide open, then it means he is ready for action or pounce or play.

4.Raised Butt in your face
15 Shocking Truths Behind Cat Behaviors

Have you ever noticed your cat jump onto your lap, rubbed his face against you, purred and turned around and showed his hindquarters to you? If this was not enough you will notice he will raise his tail and present his backside to you. Your cat is actually being very polite. Tail sniffing is quite normal in the cat world and it’s a way to say hello to you. Whenever you notice your cat doing this you just have to pet your cat along the back and be affectionate.

5.Cats sleep curled up
15 Shocking Truths Behind Cat Behaviors

Cats sleeping in a circle are a common sight. Scientists believe circling is an instinctive behavior that is hard-wired in cats. Sleeping curled up gives a feeling of security for cats. With paws drawn in and nose tucked into her tail means your cat is feeling secure. The curled up position allows your cat to stay warm by conserving the body heat.

6.Kneading with its paws
15 Shocking Truths Behind Cat Behaviors
Kneading is a motion that cats make rhythmically by alternating their paws. They push in and out against a pliable object usually lap. Not all cats knead; some don’t use their claws at all, while others use all fours paws. Kneading is a common behavior of both young and adult cats. Cats knead for different reasons; some knead when they are being petted, but the reasons are still not clear. As kittens cats knead their mother’s stomach to produce milk and this trait is most likely to have been carried forward to their adulthood. Cats must be instinctively doing this before settling down to sleep.

7.Sitting in cat loaf formation
15 Shocking Truths Behind Cat Behaviors
Cat owners are aware of this and might have seen umpteen times their cat sitting in a loaf position. Cats sit in this position with their paws tucked underneath because they feel safe and comfortable. This position also prevents the body heat from escaping. The loaf position is a scientific term for the leg-tucked-under position and cats often sit like this when they are content and in a nice mood.

8.One Leg extended during bath time
15 Shocking Truths Behind Cat Behaviors
Cat’s like to bath on their own and hate coming in contact with water. Cats clean themselves regularly on their own and don’t need water bath, though a lot of people love giving them baths. But, the fact remains that cats hate water and will try their best to avoid it. Cat owners have seen their cats holding their one leg up during bath time and wondered why it is so, but the fact is cats do this for the ease of cleaning itself.

9.Showing its belly
15 Shocking Truths Behind Cat BehaviorsThe sight of your cat lying on its back and showing his belly is very cute. Understanding the cat behavior can be difficult. Even feline communication can be pretty confusing and cat showing their belly is usually pretty. Cats do this often in your presence, which means he trusts you. Cats show their belly when they are relaxed, peaceful and not stressed. Some cats love belly rub and expect that from their owner, but before giving a belly rub listen to his vocalizations. If he is purring, then it’s ok to rub his belly, but it is always advisable to not rub a cats belly as most cats hate this and might attack. In general, belly exposure is a positive thing, but it can also be a defensive tactic by the cat.

10.Staring with wide eyes
15 Shocking Truths Behind Cat BehaviorsCats talk with their eyes. The direction of the cat’s eyes will enable you to understand his subject of attention. Some gaze is focused, intense or haphazard. When a cat stares without blinking, it means he wants something from you or he is very angry. The reason could be both. A fixed gaze and rigid body posture may mean hostility while the same look in a purring cat may mean he needs attention or he is relaxed. Cats often say by the position of their eyelids and dilation of the eyes. The message can be subtle to overt and can be pretty powerful. Cats don’t need to vocalize to convey their message. The tail talk, fluffed ear and tail position says a lot.

11.Cats sleep in boxes
cats in boxAll the worlds’ expensive toys are of no use to your cat if he finds a simple cardboard box nearby. But, why are cats drawn to these simple boxes and other enclosed boxes like laundry boxes, suitcases, bags and suitcases is a mystery. Looking for confined spaces is an instinctive behavior of cats. In the wild, cats look out for such closed spaces to hide from predators. A box gives the cat a sense of security and safety. Inside the box a cat feels that they cannot be attacked from behind or from the side and anything that comes to attack has to come into their field of vision. These kinds of spaces allows them to watch the world around them without been seen.

12.Hug and Bite
cat behaviorPlaying is the favorite pastime of cats and cats owners would agree with this, especially when they are kittens. Wrestling and playing is a normal activity for cats, but sometimes it can lead to bites. While playing and showing their affection to their owners, cats tend to bite their arm or nibble during the moment of affection. This may sound strange, but your furry friend is actually showing affection and these are love bites. Love bites are a form of communication. Cat’s instinctual nature drives him to give these little bites especially when they are overexcited. This kind of behavior is seen when there is a strong bonding between the owner and his cat.

13.Chirping out the window at birds
cat behavior
It’s a common sight to see cats looking out of the window, slightly crouched, tensed and its attention focused on the squirrel, bird or any other prey. You will notice him making a strange voice similar to the birds chirp and must have been surprised what has gone wrong. Actually, your feline friend is fine and this is a normal behavior. The reasons are many ranging from predator instinct, could be due to frustration or maybe he is excited. It can be a reflex motion in anticipation for hunting.

14.Sitting on your computer when you need to work
cat behavior
Felines love keyboards and any cat owner will agree with this. Cats love sitting and walking on them. They just adore keyboards. Why do cats sit on the computer when you are working? Probably they need your attention. Some experts are of the opinion that cats love warm places and computers offer them this warmth. Cats love warm temperatures and they enjoy sun bathing. This behavior may be due to the animal’s desert ancestors. Moreover, cats love things that move and make noises and computers are full of these activities.

15.Cats love to hide
cat behaviorCats love to hide whether it is under the bed or anywhere else, one thing is sure that cats love to hide. This is one of the reasons why you get several products like cat caves and tunnels that are designed according to the liking of cats. All types of cats love hiding and the reasons are many. Cats need some quiet time, like to watch the surroundings quietly, a good hunting spot, for temperature regulation, to get away from dogs and rowdy cats. Finding them inside the house can be sometimes very difficult because of this behavior of cats.

Cats are loving and caring animals. Some cats love while others are playful and highly active. Each cat is different, but there are certain character traits that are common in all cats. These strange cat behaviors is explained in the above article in detail and helps people clear their doubts about cats.



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